About Me

I'm Ibrahim S. Al-Shinnawi, security engineer with a strong desire to learn and grow.



Bash, C#, HTML5/CSS (I made this site myself 😉), JavaScript, PHP, Python 🐍, SQL, TCL

Specialities Include:

Application Security, Bot Mitigation, Bot Protection, (D)DoS Protections, Cloud Security, Container Security, Ethical Hacking, Incident Response, L7 Firewalls, MageCart Detection/Prevention, Penetration Testing, OWASP Top 10, Product Security, Risk Management, SIEM, Static and Dynamic Code Analysis, Application Security Testing (SAST/DAST), Secure Architecture Design, Security Awareness, Security Operations, Threat Detection, Threat Hunting, Threat Management, Vulnerability Assessments, Vulnerability Management, Vulnerability Remediation, Web Application Firewall Management